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A Slice of Covid Life at McNaughten Pointe

February 6, 2021
While many Foundations Health Solutions facilities have stepped up, McNaughten Pointe is a building of note.

Opening their unit on May 14, McNaughten admitted their first Covid + patient. To date, they have treated 372 Covid patients from Ohio, parts of Kentucky and West Virginia. Of those patients, unfortunately, 32 have died, but a miraculous 340 have been cured. What an accomplishment to Mike Fatica and his talented team!

So, what is it like at McNaughten? “Life as usual” They are simply fulfilling their calling! At McNaughten, there are 17 extremely dedicated employees committed to the lifesaving measures performed daily in their Covid unit. This staff truly cares about this demographic and what they can do to make this scary time a little better for such a vulnerable population. The unit runs like a small hospital. The care center is remarkable as well. At one point, they were willingly treating more Covid patients than Mt. Carmel Hospital. What a measurement of quality care!

This team stepped up to the plate early. When panic was running rampant in the country, they ran towards this opportunity to help, rather than away. It has been difficult for us all, and they have been dealing with this situation since April 14 when they received their first positive result. McNaughten Pointe heard the calling and have been going 100 mph since. It is also worth noting that the majority of staff working on the unit have been volunteers. They have donned their PPE, opened those doors and cared for these patients each day.

These are times when a company stands out with who we are and what we bring to long-term care in Ohio. McNaughten Pointe stands at the pinnacle of Covid response and has, in many ways, been a beacon of information and light to our units following. Thank you to Mike and his team. You are simply the best!

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