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STNAs Are Our Backbone

June 29, 2023
Being an STNA is a profession that entails the responsibility of caring for people in some of the most vulnerable moments of their life. It is a challenging yet extremely rewarding profession as they work through situations that might be distressing to many people. STNAs are the pillar of any facility. They are not only caretakers but also listeners and companions.

STNAs have an incredibly physical and emotional job. They need to be strong enough to lift residents to bed but gentle enough not to wake them in the night while repositioning them. They provide comfort not only to their residents but to the residents' family members too. Families need to know that when they aren't able to be there, their loved ones are being cared for, not only physically but emotionally. STNAs empathize and sympathize. They hold hands, give hugs and wipe tears. They are truly angels in disguise and are often overlooked.

McNaughten Pointe celebrated STNA Week on June 15th- 21st, even though we believe they deserve much more than just a week to be celebrated. Thank you to all of our incredible STNAs, from the bottom of our hearts. Happy STNA Week!

If you are interested in making a difference in our community, click the 'Careers' button below to learn more about our STNA openings!


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